Zero-waste takeaway tips

October 26, 2020

Who doesn’t love a good takeaway?! A nice pad Thai on a Wednesday night? A pack of sushi for lunch? A lovely lamb curry and naan on a weekend? Don’t mind if I do! But the down side of a lot of takeaways is the amount of waste it produces. So here are our tips on supporting local restaurants and cafes whilst keeping your waste at a minimum.

1. Pick up your meals

The first step is to go for pickup meals instead of delivery. By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid the packaging from delivery services and have greater ability to say no to unnecessary packaging when you pick up your order.

2. Pull out your reusables

Bring a re-usable container and ask the staff to use it for your order, that way you don’t have to get their single-use plastic containers. It’s the same amount of effort as bringing your green bags to the shops... super easy!
Besides the container itself, bring along a reusable bag. Occasionally, staff will automatically package any containers into soft and small plastic bags that aren’t recyclable. Be kind and inform them beforehand that you have your own bag! As a bonus, why not strike up a conversation to encourage the businesses you love to adopt waste reduction efforts.

3. Refuse disposable cutlery and extras

Did you know all single-use cutlery, regardless of material, aren’t recyclable in many city councils. This means disposable spoons, forks, chopsticks, tissues, plates etc. go to landfill. Extras such as packets of condiments, receipts and toothpicks can also be avoided.

Be sure to refuse any of these items prior to staff handing you your order as they have no choice but to dispose of it regardless of whether it has been used or not! But if you do end up with some, be sure to use them!

4. Don’t waste food

Now here’s a simple one. Eating what you’ve bought is just as critical as all the other steps to reducing waste! If you have leftovers, remember to keep it in the fridge for another day. Don’t over-order and then just chuck out what you don’t finish!

Reducing your takeaway waste is super easy! For everyone to have zero-waste takeaways is a pretty unrealistic goal in the short run, but we can all make a start at being a bit better every time!