How to eat smart and save

February 22, 2019

Food rescuers already enjoy food at a discounted price, fighting food waste at the same time. However, we believe you can maximise the benefit of being able to rescue food! Here are some of our tips on how to fully utilise the app and get the most out of your money.

1. Use rescued vegetables and fruits for meal prep

It’s no mystery that preparing meals at home reduces the average cost per meal. It also leaves the efficient utilisation of groceries to the individual. On our app, you can enjoy a discounted mystery box of groceries. It’s also healthier to eat diverse fruits and vegetables!

2. Eat out for less

Craving something not-homemade but on a budget? Eat out on a good deal with rescued food. Every time you rescue a meal, you also earn redeemable points for a free meal in the future!

3. Taste Test with Zero Guilt

With the app, you can try out a new cuisine or restaurant for less. Bring Me Home has a variety of cuisines to choose from for your next meal. Have no fear when trying new cuisines and restaurants when you know it’s easy on the wallet!

4. Rescue Food for Groups

Need food for a meeting, study session, party or other group activity? Rescue several discounted portions from different vendors for quantity and variety. Several of our partners are close to each other too, so you can pick food up easily.

Pssst. You can contact us and let us know what partners you’d like to see on the app here. Otherwise, simply let your favourite cafe, restaurant or grocery know about us, have them join the zero food waste movement.