• Tristan Pokornyi

Food Technology Today — And How Bring Me Home is Different

Updated: Jan 9

The past few years have seen a massive expansion in food technology — and this has affected our lives in so many convenient ways. Ranging from more mainstream solutions to the obscure, people can now taste the meals of countless trendy eateries with just the press of a button on their phone. One of the biggest growth markets has been the online food delivery industry, which created just over $1.6 billion of revenue in 2017 according to research by Statista. It is forecast to grow by 14.6 percent in 2018. Other key market growth areas within the realm of food technology range from food subscription to food coupon and reward apps.

Even though these services are highly innovative, they draw little or no focus on food sustainability and environmental issues, or even, tailor their services to be socially responsible. Bring Me Home seeks to solve this problem through a mobile app that is designed for sustainability. The purpose-driven food rescue app has a mission to connect hungry customers with food that would have otherwise been discarded. As such, Bring Me Home is committed to reducing the carbon footprint associated with the food industry whilst helping customers and businesses minimise losses, both of food and of money.

It has other cool features which not only revolve around reducing food waste through meal rescue — but also features such as interactive map and favourite buttons where app users can save their favourite retailers so they get updates when there is food available. Moreover, with the BYO feature, Bring Me Home also aims to reduce takeaway plastics by encouraging users to bring their own Tupperware containers when picking up their food — think KeepCup for food. The final special feature is the donation option — where customers can choose to donate up to $1.99 to help those in need through charities fighting food waste and food insecurity like SecondBite and OzHarvest. Read more about the Bring Me Home’s app here.


Tristan Pokornyi is a sustainability-minded aspiring writer and startup marketer with a passion for photography and travel.


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Our mission is to end food waste by making surplus food more accessible and affordable.

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