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7 Affordable Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Melbourne

Eating out in Melbourne can be expensive, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Since launching in 2018, Bring Me Home has partnered with several cafes and restaurants that offer delicious vegetarian-friendly food that’s wallet-friendly too.

Using the app this week, I took to the streets in search for affordable vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the CBD and inner suburbs of Melbourne. Here’s what I found:

1. Home.one

Just off the busy Sydney Rd- on Florence St is home to this local social enterprise which serves ‘porridge in the AM and bagels in the PM’. Their menu boasts a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan bowls (and amazing bagels!) everyday.

home.one channels 100% of the proceeds towards alleviating youth homelessness, and to feeding 1 in 8 kids who go to school hungry in Australia.

I purchased a portion on the Bring Me Home app and received an avocado and hummus bagel wrapped neatly in a little package, along with a coffee which I couldn't resist ordering as well. This was absolutely filling especially for the price of $6 (RRP $12).

Price: $6.00 6 Florence Street, Brunswick Available for pickup between 2–3pm everyday.

2. Vege2go

Walking across to Lygon St, I came across a popular local kitchen serving gourmet vegetarian ready meals. This time, I didn’t need to bring my own container as all their food prepared my neatly packaged in sealed takeaway boxes that were ready for me to pick up.

I received a vegan lasagne along with two separately packaged sides all for $7 RRP $12).

Price: $7.00 452 Lygon St, Brunswick East Available for pickup between 4.30–6pm, Monday- Saturday.

3. Moroccan Soup Bar

Serving up vegetarian soups and hot meals, Moroccan Soup Bar is an ideal location for delicious and affordable vegetarian food in Melbourne. You can expect a hearty dinner for only $6.75 (RRP $12.50).

Price: $6.75 183 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North Available for pickup between 9.15–9.45pm everyday.

4. Moroccan Soup Bar Two Go

Yes, what you’re thinking is correct. Moroccan Soup Bar has a second venue for takeaway just up the road called Moroccan Soup Bar Two Go — both of which are partnered with Bring Me Home.

Price: $6.75 316 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North Available for pickup between 9.15–9.45pm everyday.

5. Mantra Lounge

Mantra Lounge prides themselves for offering the best quality standards of vegan food for their customers. When I arrived at the cosy cafe, I was immediately greeted by the staffs who were all delighted to know that I was from Bring Me Home. “We highly recommend the sausage roll — don’t worry it’s vegan!”

Their Mantra: Good food that doesn’t cost the earth.

I personally love the energy of this cafe and the enthusiasm of the staff there. For only $6 (RRP $10), this would surely be a hit for the University of Melbourne students across the road.

Price: $6.00 167 Grattan St, Carlton Available for pickup between 4.30–7pm every weekday.

6. Tejas Modern Indian Restaurant

Hidden along one of Melbourne CBD’s alleyways, and down a flight of stairs, is a basement restaurant serving modern Indian food. Tejas offers fine dining Indian cuisine with Vegetarian options available for customers. Enjoy a vegetarian curry with rice and naan for lunch at $7 (RRP $13.90), which is available on the Bring Me Home app.

Price: $7.00 20 McKillop St, Melbourne CBD Available for pickup between 2–3pm every weekday.

7. Duke Pizza

Pizza slices the size of my face? Yes please.

For only $5, Duke Pizza serves massive slices of American-style pizza, and has vegetarian options available too (RRP $8.50). If you’re in the neighbourhood whip up your app and save on your late-night snack. Piz-za cake.

Price: $5.00 660 Elizabeth St, Melbourne CBD Available for pickup between 9.15–10pm everyday (except Mondays).

Download the Bring Me Home App here.



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