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4 Tips on Eating Smarter

Updated: Jan 9

Bring Me Home brings vendors with surplus food closer to people, but are there better ways we could rescue food, make the most out of our wallet and save ourselves time? Here are some quick tips on how to do just that and more.

1. Cater for groups

Need food for a meeting, study session, party or other group activity? Rescue several portions from different vendors for quantity and variety. Several of our partners are close to each other too, so you can pick them up easily.

The Bring Me Home team picks up meals for team meetings every week! Get lauded as a hero for the day!

Spring Rolls are perfect for sharing! From Roll’d.

2. Try New Cuisines for Less

Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures, and Bring Me Home’s vendors reflect that. In your area, there is sure to be a variety of cuisines to choose from for your next meal. Have no fear when trying new cuisines and restaurants when you know it’s easy on the wallet!

Go on the cheapest food tour around Melbourne!

3. Get a Full Course Meal with No Prep

Tired of eating the same thing over and over for meal prep? Forgot to bring lunch? Eat out with rescued meals instead. You can pick up rice and noodle dishes from partners such as Papadam and Think Asia, refrigerate it and reheat it for lunch or dinner the next day. Be sure to bring your container too!

All our vendors have different pickup times to cater to both lunch and dinner. When you pick up some discounted pastry in the evening, save it for breakfast in the morning! Pro tip: Toast it in the oven for a bit, it’ll still be crisp and delicious!

We’ve also got dessert covered, you can pick up a 1L tub of ice cream from Kep Whitley’s.

Banh Mi from Peddler Tuckshop, perfect for a late lunch!

4. Eat Out within your Budget

Want to eat out but unwilling to spend too much? Fortunately, all of Bring Me Home’s vendors are always discounted. You can have a delicious meal for $5.00 and less. Eat out on a good deal with good food. Every time you rescue a meal, you also earn redeemable points for a free meal in the future!

Here are a some of the cheapest deals you can get on the app:

Tealive: $3.50 for bubble milk tea and fruit teas.

Bond Street Kitchen: $4.80 for a sandwich, burger, salad, pie or more.

Shuji Sushi: $4.00 for a assorted sushi pack or 3 rolls.

Metro Green Whole Foods: $3.25 for a baguette of your choice.

Get Boba for yourself and a mate

for the regular price of one.

Pssst. Share a photo of your meal on Facebook or Instagram and tag us for a chance to win 50,000 points, every month. Your next meal could be on us. ;)

These are just a few ways you could use Bring Me Home to your advantage. Make the most out of our app!

Head to the app here or download it here.



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Our mission is to end food waste by making surplus food more accessible and affordable.

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