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4 of the Best Places to have a Delicious Asian Food Adventure in Melbourne

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

In modern times it is becoming very popular to try cuisines from all different cultures, and appreciate diverse tasting foods. Melbourne, with its multicultural vibe, is one of the best cities in the world to have high-quality food from all over the world, especially Asia. There’s everything from Japanese to Thai to Modern Indian and Turkish. Some restaurants seek to create hip and modern infusions for their cuisine, whereas others stick to traditional recipes which have dazzled countless palettes for centuries. Bring Me Home is excited to be partnering with a number of trendy and delicious Asian restaurants in the city centre. Each offers unforgettable Asian food via Bring Me Home’s food rescue app that focuses on connecting excess meals with hungry customers at a discount price. These are four of the must-try outlets where you are sure to have a culinary adventure.

Tejas Modern Indian

Have you ever thought about visiting a place that combines scintillating modern and rich traditional Indian food? Go no further than Tejas Modern Indian, where values of simplicity and nutrition are mainstays in their variety of curries, samosas and biryanis. Delicious!

With an elegant and inviting ambience, Tejas is excellent for thrilling the senses on a weekday lunch with colleagues or friends — or you could even take things up a notch and have a dinner par-tejas. What sets it apart is the innovation it brings to Indian cuisine, combining elements such as freshness, balance and authenticity. You can most definitely can add some spice into your life by visiting Tejas at 20 McKillop St, Melbourne.


Nestled in a seemingly quiet and unknown alley is O-bento, a cosy and homely Japanese eatery. The lighting is warm and the atmosphere welcoming. There are authentic wooden tables and stools to give you the sense that you’ve suddenly stepped into Japan. But of course the highlight is the amazing sushi assortments that they offer. I tasted a mixed sushi box and it was mouth-wateringly delicious! But O-bento also serves a colourful variety of other traditional Japanese meals that would be worth trying. Why not go there with a few friends to try something different? And even more so if you’re like me and are a keen foodie. You can find O-bento at 30 Church Ln, Melbourne.

Think Asia

If Asian Fusion is your thing, then go no further than to one of the many Think Asia outlets. Think Asia’s hyper-cool atmosphere means that simply walking past it will make you want to try the variety of Asian foods on offer.

The aromas will no doubt excite your senses as you explore the delicious meals on offer.

Think Asia is a great place to try again and again because it has a large range of incredible meals from so many countries; Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and China. You could meet a couple of friends after class here… or even a date. Think Asia is convenient as it has multiple locations, one right next to Melbourne Uni and one in the city centre. The addresses are 323 Grattan St and 260 Collins St, Melbourne.


Being one of the marquee brands that have partnered with us, it’s hard to miss the presence of Roll’d, both through our app and when walking around in the city. The experience at their stores is special because of a comfortable layout to chill out while you wait for food. This is topped off by hip tunes often jamming in the background. At its heart, Roll’d is about the street food experience, and it provides exactly that.

The food is fresh, delicious, and healthy, something Roll’d prides itself on. There is no shortage of students enojying a meal while studying, or having a friendly chat. Even catering is possible! You can also expect personalised service if only you just ask. There are three locations in the city, at 1 Fulham Pl, 357 Collins St, Melbourne and 3 Southgate Ave, Southbank. There is also one in Brunswick at 90 Sydney Road.

To find out more about Bring Me Home, refer here. Along with reducing food waste, Bring Me Home is also working to reduce plastic waste, therefore we actively encourage everyone to bring their own reusable containers when redeeming a meal through the app.


Tristan Pokornyi is a sustainability-minded aspiring writer and startup marketer with a passion for photography and travel.









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