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Bring Me Home is an app that lets you buy and pick up discounted surplus food from nearby cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and groceries/ supermarkets. We give surplus food a second chance and find them a new home - in your belly, not the bin. The mission-driven company started in 2017 as a University project. Today, Bring Me Home is a tech company that serves thousands of customers in Melbourne, with ambitions to expand throughout Australia. 

Founder Story

Jane's parents were immigrants who fled China to search for a better life. Her parents struggled to find affordable quality food and slept with empty stomachs every night, and so naturally, she was brought up to respect food and never waste it.

At the age of 16, Jane worked in a cafe and saw how much food was wasted daily. She knew this was a real problem that was close to home and needs solving but felt helpless to make a significant impact at that age.

When Jane became a University student, she realised that many people were food insecure, or would rather skip a meal to save money. They were not the type of people charities would generally distribute free food to, so she started doing research and found a perfect solution that would benefit both people who need access to cheaper food and businesses that want to cut food waste, thus, Bring Me Home was born.

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In Australia, the commercial sector alone throws out nearly 4 million tonnes of edible surplus food annually. Cafes and restaurants often have to throw out quality food just because it's unsold.

On average, food businesses bin over 100 kgs of food every week, over half of which could have been prevented.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to make surplus food affordable and accessible to everyone.

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate food waste in the food retail space.

Eat good food

Save money

Prevent food waste

Rescue Food Today

At Bring Me Home, we believe that everyone can be a part of the solution to food waste and make a positive impact one meal at a time.


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Our mission is to end food waste by making surplus food more accessible and affordable.

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