Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this app work?

- ​Choose a cafe/restaurant (merchant) on the listing

- Pay on the app 

- Go to the store during pickup time

- Show your mobile receipt (under order) to the staffs, they will click the confirm button before giving you the food.

2. How will I know what food I will actually receive? 

Food choices will always vary depending on availability. Our mission is to reduce food waste by connecting you with excess food, so food available may be different from day to day. However we also try our best to included information about what you can expect to pick up in the restaurant's bio.

3. Does Bring Me Home cater for different dietary preferences?

While our partner restaurants do cater to different dietary requirements, we are unable to guarantee that the food you receive will meet your requirements, unless stated in the bio that the restaurant offers those specific options. Our primary goal at this stage is to reduce food waste, but we are constantly working to improve the app, including making it more inclusive to all.

4. Can I choose my order?

This depends on the cafe/restaurant itself. Some retailers will give you a pre-packed meal, but some often let you choose from a list of specific items or a selection. We'd love you to keep in mind that the goal is to rescue excess food and cut food waste, so what is available will vary daily.

5. How do I know if the food is safe to eat?

Each restaurant is subjected to food safety laws (Food Act 1984) and will serve food that is delicious and safe to consume. We do encourage you to consume your purchased orders on the day as well and not leave it sitting for over 24 hours. If you suspect or encounter any issues, please contact us immediately.

6. How do I cancel an order? Can I get a refund if I didn't pick up my food?

Unfortunately, the version 1.0 of the app doesn't enable you to cancel an order. We are also unable to refund you if you are late or didn't show up, since the merchant would've reserved the meal for you and would have to throw away the food. 

7. When can I pick up my meal and what happens if I am late?

You can collect your food at the pickup time shown in the restaurant's bio and on your order receipt. If you come too early, the merchant might refuse to give you the order, when you arrive too late the merchant may be closed. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund you if you are late, since the merchant would've reserved the meal for you and would have to bin the food.

PS: If you enable notifications, the app will remind you when your food is ready for collection.

8. What should I do if I am not happy with my order?

Send an email to, with your account name, order details and a photo of the food if possible. We will sort it out with you and will always try our best to give you the best possible outcome.

9. How do I provide feedback/ suggestions?

You can simply do this via the app, in the menu under contact, or alternatively, drop us an email or Facebook. We're all ears!



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Our mission is to end food waste by making surplus food more accessible and affordable.

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