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Sell more. Save more. Waste less.
Whether you're looking to reduce the amount of unsold food at the end of the day, maximise your daily sales or simply just want to ensure your delicious food goes into people's bellies and not bins, list your business on the Bring Me Home app.

Signing up to the app is free and easy—It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the signup form.
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To start the year off right, we're offering 0% commission for 3 months to any new vendor that signs up this month! Contact us to sign up and claim this offer by clicking the button below!

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Why partner with us?

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Sell more

With over 30,000 app users across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, get your business in front of new customers who are environmentally-conscious and hungry!

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Save more

By selling unsold food on our app, you maximise your daily revenue and minimise the costs associated with throwing out perfectly good food at the end of the day.

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Waste less

No one who makes beautiful and delicious food wants to see their hard work in the bin. Your food belongs in people's bellies, not in landfill. Joining Bring Me Home also indicates to eco-conscious customers that you are doing your bit to limit our effects on the environment. And as thanks, when you sign up to Bring Me Home, we plant a tree on your behalf!

Have any questions?

How it works

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1. List your unsold food

You can list however many unsold items of food on the Bring Me Home app at your discounted price.

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2. Customers find you

Nearby app users will then see your deal and purchase their meal directly on the app.

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3. Get notified

Once a customer has purchased one of your meals, you will be directly notified on the app.

An employee holding up a package of rescued food.

4. Food pick-up

Customer will pick-up their meal during the pick-up window you've set by showing you their receipt.


"The overwhelming response is that students love the idea of being able to purchase food at discounted prices whilst contributing to our own sustainability goals and ultimately improving the environmental footprint of the campus."
Ben, University of Sydney Union
"It’s just win-win for both of us, you get cheaper food, we reduce food waste. And if you like our food you come back for more. It just means that we’re all doing our part to reduce the wastage."
Jenny, supervisor at Roll'd
"The first time I got the call from BMH I was really excited, I’m still really excited. It's a very good win-win for both us and Bring Me home."
Diego, owner of Cento Mani Cafe
"We're happy to sell them [doughnuts] and get rid of food waste... So we're happy to be a part of Bring Me Home."
Kenneth, owner of Donut Papi
"Being a bakery our product has a short shelf life and Bring Me Home has been a great way to ensure we reduce our wastage."
Lauren and Franco, owners of To Be Frank Bakery
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